Time-space warp to four years ago. Now there’s a reason why we’re posting up an event that’s ALREADY happened. Just a reminder that collaboration knows no boundaries, even though said collaborators hail from a completely different genre. Syndicate shows us that it’s always a good idea to keep an open mind. Pioneers through and through.

The Syndicate Subsessions continues to push the boundaries and for this installment it presented the lush sonic offerings by Pleasantry, Fauxe and Weish. For the first time ever, the Subsessions stage played host to a collaborative set where Singapore’s current indie darlings, Pleasantry, shared the spotlight with emerging electronic producer, Fauxe. Meanwhile, Weish also helmed the stage with her one-woman live-looping performance.

Formed in late 2010, Pleasantry crafts and carves music out of each member’s disparate listening background. The end result is a plush and infectious bunch of songs coupled with live performances of great musicality. These traits that defined Pleasantry will be set against the textural electronic approach of Fauxe and vice versa. Upon listening to the Fauxe remix of a Pleasantry track, “Window Gazer”, the fit seems perfect for the collaboration to take place live on a proper stage.

Weish is a voice of displacement, suspended between talk and silence, comedy and despair, guilt and ignorance, momentum and ennui, originality and cliché. Armed with her looper pedal and a treasury of cherished collaborations, Weish has grown significantly in writing and performance over the past year.” (SOURCE)