With the combined forces (yes, we’re starting to sound like a cartoon voice-over from the 80’s) of  our audio and visual heroes, Brandon Tay, Max Lane, and Syndicate, we can’t really expect anything less than this installation, titled Ukiyo-e, shown at Asylum Store’s first  birthday. Brandon’s projection mapping and Max Lane’s out-of-this-world aural stylings make for a spell-bounding experience unique to the Syndicate aesthetic.

“An installation commissioned by AMNESTY for Asylum Store’s 1st anniversary. This piece is an investigation into the meaning of the term “The Floating World” which traditionally is a homonym for “sorrowful world” in kanji. It goes through several phases of representation (abstraction/nirvana,organic imagery/the physical world, landscape imagery/emotional states). Produced by Syndicate, Visuals by Brandon Tay, Sound by Max Lane.Mapped with VDMX b8 and Madmapper.” (SOURCE)