Minimal aesthetics does not equal minimum effort. Wei Li Leow shows just that – and the many ways you can paint with the color blue.

“Wei Li is a recipient of Young Talent Programme Winners’ Solo Exhibition 2016/17 and has recently exhibited her works at the Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2016. She was also one of VADA’s Untapped Discovery artists. She is a recipient of TCC-LaSalle Artist-Curator Alumni Award and the Samsung Future Masters 1st runner-up Award in 2016. She has also been awarded the LaSalle College of the Arts and Ngee Ann Kongsi Scholarships.” ​(SOURCE)

Paz Marvelous

Paz Marvelous is a Filipino urban artist and researcher based in Singapore. A self-proclaimed polymath and wannabe comedian who likes to talk about very unfunny stuff. RSCLS member, Rebel Daughter fo lyf.

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  1. WLi

    March 29, 2018 8:03 pm

    Just chanced upon this, thank you for the feature Laurie <3 😉

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