So it’s been three years since our local post-hardcore heroes, Caracal‘s last full-length release in 2014, Welcome The Ironists. The whole album has a unique kind of flow amidst the chaos, alternating big sounds, grinding guitars, and somehow, in the middle of it all, you find yourself enveloped in an anthem. Just leaving this here, for those need-to-purge-the-angst kind of days, i.e., almost any day from 2017.

P.S. Just to be relevant to the times, though, Bono is so wrong to get publicly butthurt, pointing out how the music industry doesn’t provide the outlet for the (white) (male) rage anymore.  How about a serving of some post-colonial Asian rage, sir?

“Welcome The Ironists – the title single is a blistering opener that showcases the band’s trademark riotous guitars and powerful vocals over hard-hitting drums.

The title track is also the first of 10 songs that unfold over a well-paced mix of fast, aggressive numbers and stomping slow-burners, telling a gritty story of hard lessons and tempered hope.

With this second full-length effort, the band has managed to capture on record the essence of its live displays – sweat-drenched, ferocious and emotionally-draining – a trademark that has won them a deeply loyal fanbase across Asia and beyond. Packed with colossal riffs, catchy melodies and epic choruses, ‘Welcome The Ironists’ aims to reach out to listeners of Thrice, Norma Jean, Brand New, Envy On The Coast and Foo Fighters. ” (SOURCE)