Some people are born to play music, some people are born to do maths, and then there are a few who were destined for both. Amberhill‘s music is ambient, meant for easy listening, and yet still mentally stimulating in that they have explored beyond the 4/4 time signature.

The sextet, through their 2017 release, Forest, takes us a light year and a half away from EDM’s pounding beats, replacing them with dripping wet guitars, rather unpredictable drumbeats, a tight rhythm section, nonetheless, and occasional tender effects-laden harmonies – like a bunch of cyborgs singing you to sleep.

“Amberhill is a fusion of dreamy ambient soundscapes, lush post rock breaks and odd time rhythmic passages.

The project, initially conceived as ‘Lau’, has since grown to become a collective that includes Debbie Lim, Micah Tan, Joel Choo, Lim Yi Zheng & Koh Qing.” (SOURCE)