Ink and Clog‘s posse and probably partially responsible for what 2017 saw as the Japanese Fever on the streets of Singapore, Freaky Fir and Ana Cathie, together known as Moonchild, has relentlessly been painting favourite spots around Singapore, going beyond simple Japanese inspiration to full-blown anime. Thick outlines and flat rendering makes their works pop and hard to miss, what with big eyes and all, can you really say no?  

Paz Marvelous

Paz Marvelous is a Filipino urban artist and researcher based in Singapore. A self-proclaimed polymath and wannabe comedian who likes to talk about very unfunny stuff. RSCLS member, Rebel Daughter fo lyf.

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  1. […] You can check out Anacathie’s collaborative piece with Freakyfir under the Studio Moonchild banner at the RCGNIZE Hotel G Takeover Round 2 at Hotel G, 200 Middle Road. Or get swing by […]

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