We are pleased to announce the launch of RCGNIZE, a platform where we take over physical spaces with art to showcase creatives and their work. Think of it as RCGNTN outside the online realm- we create pop-up galleries and shops in multiple locations where the art is for sale and if you like a particular work/ creative, you can learn more about it and/ or purchase through this link.

To kick off the first instalment of the series, we work together with Hotel G to showcase the works of illustrator Kristal Melson, Risograph print studio Knuckles & Notch, designer toy labels Mighty Jaxx and FLABSLAB, calligraphy maestro HEGIRA and urban artist TraseOne.

To make the showcase even sweeter, we have also taken over the hotel lobby’s bookshelf and filled it with local titles featuring works from local writers, artists and designers from Sonny Liew‘s award-winning The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye to Jahan Loh‘s graphic rich Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

Check out the showcase in person at Hotel G (200 Middle Road, Singapore 188980) and view the complete list of artwork for sale at the RCGNIZE shop.


The first installment of RCGNIZE at Hotel G features some of our local favourites, read on!

Expect a lot of fun, cheeky and colourful pop art-inspired work from FLABSLAB, a creative collective whose members have been exploring the conventions of art since September 2011. This is a world away from the traditional, highbrow art scene. Exhibitions have included ‘Boys and Their Toys’ (featuring vinyl toy figurines), ‘Rock Dreams’ (showcasing Eddie Sung’s rock-music photographs) and ‘Acoustic Anarchy’ showcasing the works of one of the world’s stop sneaker customiser, mr sabotage. FLABSLAB collaborates with artists from across the world and exhibits at venues throughout Singapore, including the group’s own office space on Commonwealth Lane.

Being one of the reputable pioneers of graffiti art in Singapore, HEGIRA (past tagname SKOPE) has been an integral figure in bringing graffiti art to the mainstream audience in Singapore. HEGIRA is also accredited with creating an awareness of the Singapore graffiti art movement amongst the global graffiti community through his involvements in various international exhibitions and events. Now stepping away from the graffiti “rules of engagements” and morphing to a new phase, HEGIRA (Hijrah in Arabic), which means ‘migration’, transcends art, lifestyle and worship…the leap to spiritual migration, taking his audience into this new circumambulating metamorphosis with scents of organic substance and pugilistic abstracts. He deconstructs the style melody, subjects it to counterpoint and inversion and renders it in ragtime rhythmic flows.

We are a Risograph print and publishing studio based in Singapore. Our concept of exploring possibilities of print and colour often translates to a series of empirical productions with a hint of morbid humor. In collaboration with other creatives who are willing to push boundaries, we enlighten the public with bright colours and engage them into a waking dream. In addition to creating quirky works, we aim to provide anyone with a sense of aesthetics an alternative to the conventional printing processes available. We dip towards working with those that seek to achieve effects that differs from mainstream printings.

Illustrator and visual artist Kristal Melson, aka Krisonautopilot splits her time creating colourful images for music, fashion, publications & brands. Her recent collaborations include Baybeats, Facebook, Fred Perry and was selected as a “Red Dot Hero” for the campaign launching the first Apple Store in Singapore as well as ‘Today At Apple’ workshops. With her illustrations attracting a range of commissions, her drawings, both traditional and digital, relevant to the internet age. Informed by her upbringing in Singapore and previous training in graphic design and illustration, Kristal’s style is bursting with experimental shape, pattern and composition, adding dimension to her tropical surroundings.

Based in Singapore, Mighty Jaxx is an award-winning design studio specializing in developing art collectibles. Since our inception in 2012, we have produced 200+ designs and delivered thousands of products to collectors in over 50 countries. Our limited edition collectibles are designed in collaboration with world renowned artists worldwide. We also worked with international brands such as DC Comics, Cartoon Network, MTV, New Balance and more, to develop unique projects and worlds that our creations live in. See you in our many universes!

As an activist in the local street art movement, TraseOne is highly regarded as one of the leading pioneers who is always pushing boundaries and overseeing the progression in the scene since he started engaging in the arts circa ’99. What started as an ego driven adolescent hobby of just scrawling his name on the streets, Trase has evolved his approach in making art to create a more intellectual dialog of his work, most of which contain subliminal messages cleverly embedded in his work. A self-taught graffiti artist, Trase was granted the inaugural Goh Chok Tong Youth Promise Award in 2005 to expand his knowledge in art, eventually graduating with an Honor’s Degree in 2007. Trase has since had his work exhibited in numerous commissioned projects and exhibitions both on local and global platform, winning numerous awards for his perpetually evolving style.