Speak Cryptic‘s love for drawing is so undeniable, as we have witnessed over the past years, this guy never stops leaving his mark, EVERYWHERE. Chalk it up to obsession, he doesn’t draw blindly, in fact, there’s so much to discover and unpack in Speak Cryptic’s drawings.

His 2017 series Knives in the Water, shows the amalgamation of punk and ethnicity, and how it makes up the identity of Farizwan Fajari. He depicts his people, his tribe, and the places that which both sides of this so-called identity have touched. Pretty heavy yet? Knives in the Water is the artist’s first show under the banner of Chan + Hori Contemporary and his most introspective yet. And because Speak Cryptic never stops, he is also currently showcasing via Arts From The Streets, curated by Magda Gallery, at Arts Science Museum, in line with Singapore Art Week.