There is no preparing for the sub:shaman experience. Like a barrage of what verbal linguistics does to, say, Groot and his famous three-word vocabulary – and I thought I was a music buff. They rendered me a lukewarm, illiterate noob y’all.

We digress. Back to the band’s 2017 release, Apnea, opens with A-hole,  the musical equivalent of Ayahuasca: an onslaught of sounds, coming from all directions, and just before you start flipping tables and fingers, everything just starts making sense, from the  jazz bit onwards: Pure Pleasure (yes, with the capital P) – I suppose that’s the part where I meet my spirit animal. The title-track Apnea, also delivers the way an ending track should, smooth landing and a bonus phonics review. Tension and release in the truest sense of the words, don’t we all live for that?

It’s really like a shamanistic ritual, to be honest.