Our art feature might seem rather dark given that we should imbibe a welcoming feeling and all related niceties now that RCGNTN is finally live. But I do mean BURY ME in local talent, because there’s so much more this this teeny dot on the globe, case in point: visual whiz, Brandon Tay, whose otherworldly concepts seem to be perpetually laced with Ayahuasca (his Instastories are a trip on their own), the equally talented nostalgist, who relentlessly makes our collective auditory nerves melt, Max Lane, and the ever funky Masterpiece rendering an almost disassociated version of Song to the Siren, by Tim Buckley.

“Brandon Tay’s Visual Accompaniment for the Syndicate Subsessions performance by Max Lane and Masterpiece, utilising abstracted footage of concrete before breaking into figurative 3d forms- this piece follows the rhythms of the track which is a cover/re-interpretation of the classic Tim Buckley track, Song to the Siren.” (SOURCE)