All hands on deck! International Women’s Day is coming up and there are more and more initiatives to encourage women in the arts to step into the foreground.

Bloom, a networking event, provides an opportunity for networking; to forge meaningful connections and camaraderie among female artists in Singapore. Don’t wait. Let’s do this!


More about Bloom and Women in Arts
Event Details: Friday 9th March, 6.30pm-11pm. Tickets $35, online booking:

Bloom is a one of a kind networking event for women in the arts offering the intimacy and friendship of curated networking, with the vitality and richness of the crowd. Bloom participants will experience both; an intimate dinner that allows them to build meaningful connections and friendships – as well as a large scale networking opportunity hosted by a centrally located arts venue.┬áPlease visit our Bloom event page at for more information.

Women in Arts is who we are – an independent group of women working in the arts in Singapore. We welcome other women artists, art professionals and patrons of the arts, to join us and contribute. To
volunteer or support Women in Arts please contact Elaine at