How does one relive a memory or a past experience? An artist is equipped with skills, hunger, and curiosity that allow them to recreate — of course given that nostalgia may or may not be coloured by perspective and bias, it’s a reproduction, nonetheless, of the intangible, a moment that is no longer there. This is the artistic exploit of Danielle Tay, a Slade School of Fine Arts alum, in her most recent solo showcase at the Chan + Hori Contemporary, Uncertatin Discoveries. Armed with pen, paper, brushes, canvases, and whatever it takes to negotiate the disparity between memories and reproduction, Danielle goes back and forth through different processes until she finds some semblance of resolution.

I suppose the point of all this is that artists NEED to be indulged, so we as an audience, can at least afford a glimpse of what they could really offer.