Artist manifesto: Paper in my Attic was born out of the love of paper, inspired by many artists, works and projects. Turning a hobby into a passion, PIMA aims to try and see how flexible and malleable this medium is. Many of her works began as home projects and favours for friends. Slowly these turned into commissioned works and collaborations with other brands, companies and various artists.

Lead by Rae Lim a self-taught paper artist who focuses mostly on origami art. Her avid interest in origami as a young child led her to explore different folding techniques and paper designs. To Rae, creating paper art is just like play. She is till on a journey of exploration and discovery with other forms of paper art, from floras to installations. Now she produces commissioned art and collaborates with other artists under the name “paperinmyattic”.

Featured is her work for K+ titled Boundaries, a sculptural piece that was the result of experiments with paper’s unlimited possibilities, forming tessellations that translate into geometric pottery.