Tattoos used to be and mean many things and most of them are stereotypical, not to mention negative. It was a symbol of passive aggressive rebellion, until you eventually pin down a job, and that tattoo will never see the light of your adult days. WELL. Time’s changed. Nowadays, people think  in terms of bodysuits and sleeves — if your workplace doesn’t tolerate tattoos, you’re probably in the wrong place altogether.

Shane Tan, who’s been pricking skin since the current millennium kicked off in 2000, have grown synonymous to Japanese tattooing. Having practiced his inking chops in Switzerland from ’07- ’14, he was away long enough to gain perspective — by losing sight of the shore. Currently back in the homeland, he raises the bar, not just for the local tattoo scene, but also for the rest of us ogling it.  Tattoos won’t go far if it weren’t for artists like Shane, slaves to the craft who’ve pushed their style to the edge and continues to perfect the aesthetics so that we can all wear our tats proudly, and not hidden to be forgotten.