There’s embroidery art and then there’s Embroidery Art. The textile-based artform is enjoying an all-time high and NAFA alum, Nature Shankar has been pushing the craft and the medium far enough to create her own niche that bleeds heavily on Fine Art installation; beyond the confines or embroidery as a mere application of drawing and illustration. Long gone are the days when needlework was a thing of grannies (not to mention grannies don’t do very granny things anymore, a lot of them don’t even look the part anymore, like that vivid purple-haired octogenarian I saw the other day, we digress). The point is, needlework went places the minute it got out of the rocking chair stereotype — and far, coinciding with the rise of intersectional feminism. The medium is the message: needlework is to feminism as the spray can is to civil dissent, without the need for explicit messages about gender equity or anarchy. Holding our breaths to see where artists like Nature Shankar could take us; here’s to hoping it’s a future brighter than here.