No amount of photos can do justice to the breadth of work that FreakyFir (born Muhammad Firdaus) has amassed over the recent years. Every month is Inktober with this guy. His sketch blog is bursting at the seams. Excuse me, but it’s fucking amazing.


Tell us about yourself and what do you do?

My real name’s Firdaus, but I’ve held on to this FreakyFir moniker since I was a teenager. I am a freelance illustrator/street artist. I used to work in Game Development, and I still do get occasional concept art gigs on the side but I’m mainly focused on exploring my personal art as an individual and as a collective with Anacathie.

What informs your practice?

Having recently been in the machine that is corporate work, this is a pretty tough question for me. It’s one I battle with almost on a daily basis. Lately, I have found myself deeply attracted to the process of creating, getting lost in one’s own thoughts and figuring out impractical solutions to problems that are only valid to oneself at the moment. You can call it art for art’s sake, but in a way I find absolute joy in overcoming art things on a technical basis. At least, that’s the state of my art right now, as I continue to figure out where I’m going.

What is your process like? Is it very structured or is it a more free-flowing thing for you? And does your process change as and when you work alone or with Anacathie as Studio Moonchild, or with a big group of creatives?

My process is very structured usually. Sometimes I do the same thing thrice to get it right, before executing it. I’m definitely trying to learn how to be a bit more free-flowing, but I guess that will come when my foundation is strong enough and I have more trust in myself.

I think working with Anacathie has been a breeze. Despite being from the same background, we never did find a way to collaborate until we found the walls. Doing mural work was pure bliss because we had to start fresh, on a new medium, from zero. I think we really learned a ton about ourselves and each other in the process.

In a big group of creatives, I tend to take a backseat and listen to the collective voice. This way, I learn a lot from them in the process.

Any dream projects?

A dream project would be illustrating comic covers for a comic series or making toys. Childhood dreams of mine!


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