Song, born Lee Song Xuan, is having a moment. The local graffiti scene’s poster boy equivalent of the Energizer rabbit lends a friendly face to the perpetually controversial craft. Never not painting, always getting his hands dirty, ever ready to board a plane. Read on!

Tell us about yourself and your practice?

I write SONG, I’ve recently been playing around with letter forms and creating a narrative behind it with my style. I’ve also been painting on found objects and things that are unconventional which is still ongoing in my practice.

What informs your practice?

I guess I’ve mostly been inspired by things and environment or space around me and most of the works either on the streets or studio work always depends on what I felt and happening around me during that specific moment. It can be anything even be a conversation.

What is your process like?

I’ve always been a spontaneous as a person, it always starts out as just random lines and it kind of just magically happen.

Can you tell us more about your artworks included in the Hotel G pop up?

For my approach on the work at Hotel G, I wanted to use my childhood toys as a subject matter of the things I obsessed about and setting them in a kind of “still life” setting. Throughout the whole process of my work, its a progress of how I juxtapose my childhood obsession together and translating it further into the piece of wood.

Dream Projects?

Hmm, I guess painting a large scale building-sized wall would be great

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

Song’s painting, Steal Life, is available for purchase HERE.

*photos courtesy of Lee Song Xuan