You’d occasionally see an adorable goldfish swimming about the skatepark wall on Somerset and it’s very likely that it was lovingly painted by Rouge. The Singapore-based Indonesian designer gushes about goldfish, goldfish, and more goldfish. Keep swimming.

Tell us about yourself and what you do. What is your art practice like in a nutshell?

ROUGE was born in 2013 as an illustrator and graffiti artist. Along the way, I grew up as a visual artist who spends more time on experimenting new ideas. I like to explore different media and techniques: from art and craft, painting on canvas, customising 3D figurines, to graffiti art.

Currently working as a product development coordinator, I implement my knowledge on product curation and art directing.

What informs your practice?

Influenced by the fishes to create a majestic flow of their fins, I like to create curved lines with some sharp edges/ends, in which gives more UMPH to the visual. The contrast between vulnerability and strength inspires me to visualise the dynamic flow.

What is your process like?

The ideas usually come randomly as I do my daily activities. Always get ready with at least a pen, I draft the idea that I have before I put it on the chosen medium to work on.

What’s the significance of the fish to you?

The significance of my mythical goldfish (that’s what I call it) is as a remembrance of my childhood, especially my dad, because petting fishes was his idea.

Rouge’s mythical goldfish is a portrayal of how I see goldfish, yet also as a symbol of humbleness.

Dream projects?

My dream project would be creating an installation which people could experience to be surrounded by the fishes. 2D illustration, 3D figurine, animated art, flip book, huge graffiti art, etc., which they could interact with it.


Catch Rouge’s elusive mythical goldfish HERE and HERE.