Ever wondered what it is like to be in a time machine? To stand at that specific place in time where the past, present, and future coalesce is one experience you would want to have until Time Travel with capital T’s become a reality. Music producer Intriguant, accompanied by Calvin Phua on electric guitar and Vick Low on the cello; and visual artist Flex, collaborate on such body of work for SIFA 2018. Aptly titled Temporal, the two creatives serve as time travel maestros, with the Arts House Chambers being the vehicle to the past, Intriguant‘s experiential soundscape the anchor to the present, and Flex‘s visual imagery the jump to the future — just imagining how the space transforms right in front of your eyes might be the closest experience you can get to being hugged by Time. So don’t miss it. Fourth of May, hour-long performances at 730 and 930 pm at The Arts House Chambers. Get on it.