You have to be a Vulcan to not get warm and cozy feels watching Jean Seizure‘s new video drop. Directed by Jedidah Neo under Midnight Posse Films, Night is a story of love: the daze and joys of its birth and the pains of its death — an experience shared by ALL, regardless of religion and gender orientation.

Fuzzy feelings aside, there exists a need to highlight the importance of music videos like Night. It’s a matter of normalisation and representation of the LGBTQ; dismantling the stigma imposed by the righteous moral police. Centuries of reinforcement renders abandoning this mindset a daunting task, but it can be done. Our collective moral compass needs to be re-calibrated to lead us towards inclusivity and empathy, not discrimination. After all, love, while it may not last forever, is beautiful and worth fighting for. Who are we to forbid another from finding it?


High fives all around for the art team. Digging the fancy art references: from Boticelli’s The Birth of Venus, to Rene Magritte’s Lovers, to the pills which is still up for debate whether those were a reference to Damien Hirst or The Matrix. Geeking out goodly.