One of our featured artists at the RCGNIZE Hotel G Takeover Round 2: Colourpop is Lolita Chiong. Her utter bluntness was pleasantly surprising and refreshing, which made it clear to yours truly that there is no shame in wanting to make money out of art, procrastination is commonplace, and that alcohol may or may not be key in a typical creative process.


Tell us about yourself.

I am Lolita Chiong and I am an illustration and animation student at NAFA. In my free time, I do illustrations for children’s books.

What informs your practice?

Art for art’s sake. But sometimes I do it for money. Art for money’s sake. Money money money money money money.


What is your creative process like?

My process is, like, very hard to say because every project is different.
But usually, I just procrastinate until the last minute because I (am) very scared to start, then (I) drink vodka and cry and rush everything in 1-2 days.

I can totally relate. Your creative practice is quite diverse. Which platform would you prefer to put in the foreground between illustration, character development, painting, and animation?

Painting. But my painting damn jialat now, come back in 10 years.

Any Dream Projects?

Definitely not animation. My animation work I want to die already!! My dream projects would be: Illustrating a cover for Saturday Evening Post magazine.

Sell a painting!!!!!

Aiya, just some magazine editorial art for money money money!!!

Ack. Too bad, we love your animation work!

Hahaha that one I cry already. Thank you thank you.

Thanks for keeping it real! Any parting words for our readers, friends, lovers, and foes?

Money money money money buy buy buy buy 88888888


It can’t get any more real than that! Time to throw our monies at Lolita HERE and HERE. Get on it.