KoFlow has been up to all good. One of which is My Sound of Singapore, commissioned by Goethe-Institut Singapore as a Sound of the City pilot programme. Its purpose was to challenge artists to share their city’s urban culture narratives through musical-video collages. What certain cities are like beyond its tourist traps, told by people who know it by heart. Sounds simple, only it isn’t.

As the novelty of city living wears out, we inadvertently look and experience the city around us less and less. Pavement pedestrian LED lights were invented for a reason.

Given the nature of the project and being the urban creature that he is, the beloved local beatmaker stepped out to do the two things he loves: riding and music. Ride and Liberate shares KoFlow‘s process with Singapore as his main collaborator, weaving through its streets, meeting its people, collecting found sounds. Sights and sounds that might be familiar to our eyes and ears, if not for our perpetually distracted minds. KoFlow unpacks nostalgia, attachment, and deep appreciation for Singapore: from its muddy swamps to the quiet heartlands, to the busy CBD, for someone who isn’t familiar with the city. This is Singapore at a glance, beyond Resorts World.