You can always count on Mightyjaxx to flesh out the whackiest toys. Behold Dikku-san: the first blind box series designed by Mightyjaxx and very likely, the most inoffensive dick pic you’ll ever see.

Nothing major at all, just normal fellows-slash-phalluses (phalli?? flock of birds?? murder of cocks???) doing normal wang thangs. What may or may not have started out as unassuming dick doodles during a board meeting are now collectables that can also moonlight as relentless dick pun generators. The R&D stages should have been very interesting if you can imagine, the many heated debates required to arrive at the conclusion that Drunk Dikku-san’s most appropriate drool hole is not at the top of his head — literally and figuratively.

So stop dicking your heels and collect these pricks. Opt for a set of 12 and you get a nice display case which should make for an interesting piece in your living room. Mightyjaxx rocks.



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