If, while walking on the streets, you happen to look up from your phone and chance upon a Japanese anime-inspired mural, it’s very likely one of Anacathie‘s; Half of the Studio Moonchild duo (with Freakyfir being the other, equally dedicated half). An otaku through and through, she lives, breathes, and sweats anime. In fact, if you cut her, little Hayao Miyazakis might start gushing out instead of blood. She comes across as a simple girl, but she’s got big dreams and conquers wall after wall, working towards the ten-thousandth hour mark of perfection. Girl works hard, no doubt.


Tell us about yourself and your practice.

My name is Anastasia Catharina, I am a 29-year-old Indonesian-born Singapore PR, currently based in Singapore. I obtained my BA (Hons) in Visual Communication Design at Lasalle College of the Arts, and continued my passion for drawing and art by pursuing another year of advanced industrial design diploma in FZD (Feng Zhu Design School). I love to channel my passion across many different platforms and media, from traditional to digital, from paper to walls, and many more. Currently I am a full time game artist and a part time street/mural artist.

What informs your practice/ what inspires you?

I grew up watching Japanese anime and Disney animation. I fell in love with animation, comics, and games ever since I was a kid. I can really feel the passion and love being put into their work, and it really inspires me to draw and strive to become an entertainment artist.

What is your process like? What’s the difference between working alone, versus working with Freakyfir under Studio Moonchild, and working with a large group of people when coming up with an artwork? 

I am a very messy person, so I always need to plan and do some sketching before I work on my art. Working alone can be very tough because I always have a very high expectation of myself. I will find myself obsessing over something if I don’t set a time limit for myself.

Working collaboratively with Freakyfir under Studio Moonchild helps me to solve my obsession over my art, and smoothens the process a lot. Plus, we both love the same things most of the time.

Working together with a large group of people can be really refreshing, especially if you share similar liking and understanding, because we can inspire and help each other to push our own boundaries.

Any dream projects?

It would be great if one day I can collaborate with some fashion brands or paint a huge scale mural painting.

Million-dollar question: Who is your favourite anime character?

Anime character or anime title?


WAH!!! I have a lot of favourite animes in my life. Especially those with great stories, content, and character development. I love Miyazaki’s masterpieces, namely Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke. Mostly because he creates vulnerable yet independent female lead characters who defy gender norms. I don’t really have particular favourite anime characters, because I will surely have one on each title, so it is very hard to pick.

**at this point, the author imagines Nana sweating anime drops on the other end of the line 

Based on what we’ve talked about, this question feels like a no-brainer, but i’ll throw it out there anyway, haha. Do you ever see yourself outgrowing this love for anime?

I don’t think I will outgrow the love for anime culture, instead it will evolve with me. My art style might change one day, but there is no denying it all started there.

You can check out Anacathie’s collaborative piece with Freakyfir under the Studio Moonchild banner at the RCGNIZE Hotel G Takeover Round 2 at Hotel G, 200 Middle Road. Or swing by HERE.