RCGNIZE Hotel G Takeover Round 2: COLOUR POP!

OH HOW TIME FLIES! Three months went by fast enough to make our heads spin and now we are back with RCGNIZE Hotel G Takeover Round 2: Colour Pop, made wilder with a deluge of vivid colours — as if a gassy unicorn is just around the corner, farting rainbows on a plethora of artworks including digital illustrations, paintings, mixed media art, and toy customs.

The new lineup comprises of nine amazing creatives who wield their colour palettes like there’s no tomorrow (in a really masterful way, fyi): illustrators Cindy Witono (Sicksickkids), Joon Saw (Sawdako), Lolita Chiong, and Marina A, fine artist Rifqi Amirul Rosli, and street artists ROUGE, SONG, and Studio Moonchild (Anacathie and Freakyfir) — keep your eyes peeled for upcoming individual artist features for the month of May!

Check out the showcase in person at Hotel G (200 Middle Road, Singapore 188980) and view the complete list of artwork for sale at the RCGNIZE shop.

Paz Marvelous

Paz Marvelous is a Filipino urban artist and researcher based in Singapore. A self-proclaimed polymath and wannabe comedian who likes to talk about very unfunny stuff. RSCLS member, Rebel Daughter fo lyf.

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