It has been an exciting few years for Singapore music. More and more music producers have been stepping out of obscurity to grant us the privilege of experiencing even a glimpse of their talent. We’ve had the pleasure of catching up with one of such elusive talents, Evanturetime, to talk about his current EP, Folds, THE Singapore Sound, and writing National Day songs. Hook your sound up and read on!


Can you tell us more about Folds and how it came about?

I was always fiddling on tunes and unusual approaches to pop songs. But I never really thought about releasing any of them to the public until the first single, Vultures that Linying and I wrote together with Charlie (Lim) featuring on vocals. It was with the encouragement of my friends (most of the collaborators in this record actually!) for me to step out on my own that I decided to bring these songs out into the light of day haha.


Oh yeah I love that track!!! So how was it like working on this release? Was your process any different this time around?

Vultures will be in this EP btw!

Oh it’s not any different from how we’ve tackled Vultures. The whole EP is based on the theme of found sounds and quiet intensity. No matter how poppy or abstract the tunes might be.

Shot by Glenn Taubenfeld from RECKN.

Abstract to poppy, that’s a wide range! Can you elaborate further on the theme and how it came into being?

I’ve tried to incorporate as much local sound bites in my tracks as much as i can. I made it my personal little mission for me to figure out what a Singapore Sound might be like. To figure out an audible identity for my country in my own little way. So.. sampling local sounds is one of the first few steps to create a familiar canvas to kick start this whole thing.

Awesome. Given that, what would be a dream project of yours be like? Sky’s the limit.

Well it would be fun if I could write some stuff for National Day! It’ll be great to write music for the masses.

Now that you’ve mentioned the masses, what are your thoughts on going mainstream vs staying underground?

Well I dabble in both! My day job is running an audio production house that produces commercials, jingles and writing pop songs for artists.

Both have their place in the industry. And with most listeners nowadays being hyper aware of what they love or like, I’d say do what you like! Be sincere and passionate about it and it’ll definitely get through to your listeners 🙂

Gotcha. Thanks for being so generous with your time Evan. Any parting words for our readers, friends, lovers, and foes?

Do what you love! And love what you do!


I hear ya.

Keep on keeping on, humans! Remember, you don’t hate Mondays, you hate capitalism!