Reworking a classic is never an easy feat. How do you pay homage to a classic yet stay relevant with the times?

Enter Charlie Lim: singer, songwriter, and Singapore’s golden boy.

The 1987 classic ‘We Are Singapore‘ that we all know, love and grew up to has been given a modern twist with a new verse that we can all relate to in this generation. This rendition highlights the reality of living in this city-state and taking ownership of it which is what makes it honest, reflective and real.

This rendition of ‘We Are Singapore‘ is written, arranged and performed by Charlie Lim and produced by Dr Sydney Tan, Evanturetime and Charlie. The track starts off with new verses by Charlie before our very own homegrown artists Vandetta, Shak, Aisyah Aziz, Joanna Dong and THELIONCITYBOY join in, making us proud and warm in equal measure.