Choose a job you love and you won’t ever have to work a day in your life. -Confucius

Virtual reality artist André Wee got his ducks in a row. Now that life has become so much more complicated for our generation, we’re just happy to see one of our own succeed and say that his life choices brought him exactly where he wanted to be. Apart from his apparent fulfilment, we are so doing this because as far as the cyberpunk genre goes, this artist is worth fangirling for. Also, there needs to be a gender-neutral term for fangirling.

The breadth of André’s work spans manual and digital illustrations to virtual reality content. He happily jumps between different visual disciplines as and when needed. Cue in the hallelujah chorus, it’s flexibility and technical know-how at its finest.

Straight up cool stuff from here on.

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Tell us about yourself and what excites you.

I am André, I geek out on sci-fi TV shows like Westworld and enjoy anything and everything cyberpunk. I spend way too much time alternating between cafes drinking coffee while drawing people and at my workstation building 3D content in Virtual Reality.

How does your visual imagery come about?

I really love playing and making video game content and exploring and experimenting with tech. Both activities influence my visual library immensely and help me express the liminality and in-betweenness that I have experienced while moving between countries and cultural identities.

What is your process like?

I usually sketch out a rough idea on either my sketchbook or iPad and bring that sketch to life either in 2D or 3D.

All this with a healthy dose of awesome music and cool music videos by Lorn and looking at all the art books/references that I have amassed in my studio.

2d vs 3d, any preference?

I honestly enjoy mucking around in both as each presents their own unique challenges and elements of play. As the lines between the two continue to blur with the introduction of newer tools, I find it harder to decide between the two as I have become interested this hybridization of it.

Breaking out superlatives: At the top of your head, what’s the wildest dream project you could think of? What could be the craziest manifestation of your creativity?

I’m actually really lucky and grateful to be working on some of my dream projects right now but a crazy manifestation of my creativity? I would love to create an observable pocket world that imitates life.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

What I’d give to be a mere fly in that pocket universe. But then again, we might already be living in one. And just in case anyone’s observing, I’m glad I’m not a fly here.

This guy’s imagination is contagious.

See more of André’s works HERE.