Oh to be 21 again with plenty of options! An architect-to-be with toes dipped in drawing ink, Cindy Witono believes (and we do too) that there’s an entire lifetime ahead of us to learn and experiment. Read on as the millennial reels about pop culture, Spotify playlists, and constant hydration.

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Tell us about yourself and your practice?

I’m actually an architect in training but got into illustrating and art halfway through Uni. I haven’t been doing this for long; I just turned 21 and am constantly captivated with too many things around me. That makes my style still pretty fluid. I think I still have a lot of learning and experimenting to do before I could really determine what kind of an artist I am. I enjoy it a lot, still.

What informs your practice?

I grew up with a lot of pop culture, anime and music influences that largely guided my art direction. Internet and TV were big mediums of those influences, really, being the typical millennial that I am.

These media are non-exhaustive, often creating a lot of juxtapositions within certain subject matters. This became a driving concept through how I am developing Sicksickkids.

What is your process like?

I often get drawn to concepts of pain, fear or respite, and then juxtapose it against what I find to be the favourable elements: colours, animals, and plants. It’s never a linear process, I am constantly resetting and reviewing, adding and subtracting. I sketch a lot too, and I tend to carry the raw look to the final stage. My main mediums are ink and digital colouring.

Can you tell us more about your artworks included in the Hotel G pop up?

These artworks were done in the last two years. My Uni years have been the most recalibrating years of my life, and through it all, I try to keep it fun. And I think the common denominator in these works are my choice of colours that are concealing the real nature of the subject matters. That’s why when RCGNTN and Project XIV came to me with the theme Colour Pop I knew right away what works to show!

ParaNora by Sicksickkids

Dream Projects?

Oh man…from where I am now; so many possibilities. I think it’ll be really cool to do something over a large canvas, like a building mural. Or doing a project overseas. If I could really, really dream, making art for one of the rappers I religiously listen to.


Okay, out of sheer curiosity, care to share who these rappers are?

Umm the art direction for Logic, Chance the Rapper, and Tyler The Creator are really cool, IMO. Pretty consistent too.

Oh actually since you’re at it, one of the artworks being displayed at Hotel G has a hip-hop Spotify playlist to go with it haha!


Any parting words for our readers?

Stay hydrated, my dudes.

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Sicksickkids artworks are available for purchase HERE, HERE, and HERE.

photos courtesy of Cindy Witono