Not to misrepresent anyone, but local creatives do appreciate the amount of support the government dishes out to the creative community. May it be through subsidy, arts housing, and platforms to showcase creativity, we’re always left wanting. We are spoiled to the bone in comparison to our immediate neighbours, unfortunately, in exchange for agency and freedom of expression. While most of us eventually relent, it’s like selling your soul to the devil: a bad bargain depending on how much value you put in being able to freely throw a middle finger to The Machine.

And then there are artist-run spaces; niche communities that support and indulge artists, if need be. There’s hope for those artists who want to experiment and really push boundaries. This is where Grey Projects come in.

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 What is Grey Projects in a nutshell and how did it come about?

It is an artists library, studio space, exhibition gallery, and a residency program.
Click Candy by Vanessa Ban
It all started in my living room, where we had the first Grey Projects exhibition. It’s been ten years since that first show! What Singapore has are large museums and galleries. What it lacks are enough artist-run spaces.

What’s your ethos?

We are artists ourselves. Designers. Book people (come to our library and it’ll be obvious). Dancers at the dance party. Defiled princesses. Pirates.
Post-Super-Future-Asia writing workshop: Collective floral arrangement for a post-future Asia

Tell us about your participation in SABF, what are you most excited about presenting at the fair?

We are most excited to present Boring Donkey Songs our publication of Lee Wen’s recent writings, we’re thrilled with the quality of the print, and we edited it and designed it ourselves. It’s limited to just 150 copies and we’ve sold out a third of that already.
Boring Donkey Songs by Lee Wen

Any future projects?

We are opening a queer textile show in the second week of July. We would also like to add to our History of Censorship project, Singapore never disappoints there’s always new materials to add every year!
Ian Tee for The Direction I Rub One Matters

What is your ultimate dream project/ any dream collaborators? No holds barred.

Working with a really good publisher, like The Song Cave, Fitzcarraldo, Verso, or Editions Bessard. Having a meeting with collaborators at the Berghain.

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Learn more about Grey Projects HERE.