The artisan population has seen a much-needed spike over the recent years, and to speak for many, it was a relief. The past decades have traded highly specialised skills for convenience, productivity, and maximum capitalisation. It’s no surprise that more and more from our generation find themselves subconsciously ‘raging against the machine’ by being artists, butchers, bakers, and poets, even.  With this comes the notion that print is far from dead. Young creatives are breathing new life into old methods. In the case of Knuckles and Notch, through numerous artist collaborations and teaching the skills. Inquiry about the status quo, the needs of their immediate community is made a habit, on top of taking a part in documenting subcultures. They don’t live in a vacuum, and neither should you.


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What is Knuckles & Notch in a nutshell and how did it come about?

Knuckles & Notch is Djohan Hanapi & Goh Yun Jin Marilyn (Djo & Marl) and our amazing workhorse – The Riso MZ type stencil duplicator.

All through art school, it felt like there was something lacking in the local creative scene. After graduation and working for some time, we decided to visit the New York Art Book Fair for the first time in 2011 and were instantly blown away by their zine & publishing culture and works. Djo saw some Risograph illustration/graphic posters there and fell head over heels. He was extremely fascinated with the vibrant Riso colours and the creative potential it inspires. I was influenced by his enthusiasm for this newfound interest and we spent the next two years doing intense research before deciding to open a Riso company developing and producing our passion- art & prints.


Zines from Knuckles and Notch’s Yum and Dangerous Show, 2014

What’s your ethos?

Our defining icon- the “fist pound” symbol is also inspired by one of our guiding principle of the company.  It reminds us to “Notch up, achieve something ya know,” take on new challenges and grow from learning from these challenges.


Knuckles and Notch’s risograph zine-making workshop flyer

Tell us about your participation in SABF, what were you most excited about presenting at the fair?

We spent more than a month prepping for SABF. We got a bit overly ambitious to what we planned on putting out, so sadly projects didn’t make it to SABF, but there’s always next year!

From the autobiographical “Throwback” by Mister Tucks, 2017. Released at SGABF 2018


We were excited about presenting our folder of wild Risograph prints by local & overseas collaborators as well as newly printed RISO zines fresh out from our own Riso oven.  We are particularly happy with some products that Djo made especially for the SABF.


Any future projects?

Djo and I have these insane ideas running through our heads. We want to bring all of them to life but we only got that much time in a week. Djo’s putting together some work in a form of a publication (his first publication, that’s all I can say now) 🙂


Turn Off the Aircon, by Luca and Widad

What is your ultimate dream project/ any dream collaborators? No holds barred.

Being paid to travel the world to produce creative works with any physical, time and monetary constraints! The outcome of the work we produce will be a box set filled with artworks inspired by the cultures and traditions of the places we had visited. 😀


by Awool Shahrulnizam


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