The best thing about being an artist is being able to weave stories from the mundane; turn the prosaic extraordinary, to the finest details.  One of the most exciting visual artists as of late, Yangermeister is, yet again, cooking up a storm for Keepers Playground of Infinite Happiness. Read on to get to know more about the visual artist behind some most-loved music videos by The Sam Willows and Gentle Bones; and her most recent love affair with the colour yellow.

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Tell us about yourself. Who is Yangermeister in a nutshell?

Yangermeister was a joke that went too far. Or at least that was how this moniker came about. Strangely, my journey had also taken this form — what started out as play, as exploration, became something serious. Yangermeister will always be this! A touch of whimsical, of surprise, but always exploring something deeper — there is more than meets the eye.

Commissioned installation by Guerlain

What is your ethos? What excites you?

Human beings. Our human nature, our actions, our thoughts, our stories — never fail to make my eyes go wide in wonder. Without this coming out the wrong way, and in the most objective sense,“You mean people can be THIS fucked up? Cool!!!” Crime, politics, history, leadership, love and relationships — it’s fascinating.

The Girl Who Never Knew, Vol. II

What is your process like?

Story first. Always. Everything else will take its shape, it will then have a life of its own. As an artist, my responsibility then is to flow.

What are you presenting at the Keepers Playground, what are you most excited about to share to your audience? How are these works different from your typical MO?

I will be presenting a story based on our childhood experiences at the public playgrounds — specifically with a see-saw. And everything in Yellow! Gen-Z Yellow they call it. This would be the first time I’m building an installation in one single colour specifically…and very intentionally.

The Runaway Bride, 2018

Dream projects and collaborators? Please go nuts, the sky’s the limit!

I want to show at MoMA and The Met in New York one day. And I want to cry while doing it, cry at how impossible it always sounded yet I’m actually doing it.

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