FLABSLAB X QUICCS: The Ghost of Kurosawa- 43 Locusts


Story of The 43 Locusts Division

Inspired by the works and the tales of the lone warrior who battles the hive-minded machines, the 43 Locusts are comprised of rebels who dwell in the woodlands of one of the last left safe havens for humans who have trained themselves to fight for the cause of humanity’s survival against extinction. They have designed their armours to the same fashion as of Ghost of Kurosawa’s, and regard the warrior as a deity.

The 43 Locusts are regarded to be one of the most skilled groups of human soldiers whom have independently fought against the hive-minded machines away from the efforts of the joint forces of other remaining Human colonies.



Expect a lot of fun, cheeky and colourful pop art-inspired work from FLABSLAB, a creative collective whose members have been exploring the conventions of art since September 2011. This is a world away from the traditional, highbrow art scene. Exhibitions have included ‘Boys and Their Toys’ (featuring vinyl toy figurines), ‘Rock Dreams’ (showcasing Eddie Sung’s rock-music photographs) and ‘Acoustic Anarchy’ showcasing the works of one of the world’s top sneaker customiser, mr sabotage. FLABSLAB collaborates with artists from across the world and exhibits at venues throughout Singapore, including the group’s own office space on Commonwealth Lane.

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Edition of 43, Resin cast, Approx. 10.5" tall, Comes with an exclusive dog tag only available with the 43 Locusts

Exhibit at

Hotel G Singapore (200 Middle Road, Singapore 188980)

Exhibition duration

Jan 2018 – March 2018

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